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I am a great parent/family member

You are a great parent! Life doesn't come with a manual and we must understand that parenthood within itself is a wonderful blessing! No, you aren't perfect, but God gave you a beautiful child because He knew you would be an excellent parent. Your child chose you because he/she knew you would be the best parent. Every household is different and every family dynamic is different. Trust your instinct and continue to rock on as the great parent you are!  Don't have kids? Well, you are a wonderful daughter, son, sister, brother, niece, friend, big brother or sister to a child in need, or parent to a wonderful pet! You're a rockstar!

i own my life !

Whether your dream is to be a photographer, travel the world, start a successful business, build houses in Africa, get married, eat healthier, be a doctor, become a motivational speaker, exercise daily, fire your boss, start a non-profit, write a book, or become the next YouTube star.... own your life! You are a master creator and you have the power to truly do anything your heart and mind desires. Write it down (script your desires), visualize and feel good about what you want to manifest, develop an action plan to get there, then release your desires to the universe without obsessing about how or when it will happen. Do your part and let the universe do the rest. 

i am loved

You are love and you are loved. Regardless of if you are married, dating, single, or in an "it's complicated" situation, always remember that you are loved. God loves you, the Universe is on your side, and the sun always comes out tomorrow. Practice your "I AM LOVED" affirmation daily and you will radiate love! The fastest way to pick yourself up when you feel down is to show kindness to someone else, give a compliment, volunteer, call a family member or friend you haven't spoken to in a while... a little kindness goes a long way!

i am beautiful

You are beautiful... period! Short, tall, big, small, quiet, loud, funny, mild... no matter what you look like or your personality type you are beautiful just the way you are! God made us in His image meaning we are already perfect! Live a life full of beauty, happiness, and health and you won't go wrong! 

what is your affirmation ?

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