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How Gratitude Can
Transform Your Life!

Mirror Mirror on the wall


I’m the creator of
it all!

I’m a strong believer that we create our own reality. There is plenty of evidence of people manifesting things because of their thoughts, healing themselves of illnesses because they had unwavering faith that they would be healed, and creating what many would say are miracles because they expect great things to happen to them. I am proud to say I am one of those “woo woo” people who has manifested all of the above and more! Yes, I believe in God, yes I pray, yes I meditate, but I also script and visualize and I know 100% that it works! Most of the time we don’t create our reality by wishing for something, closing our eyes and it magically appears… at least I don’t. I also believe that along with thinking something will happen and visualizing how your life will be when that thing manifests, you must also feel good! If you ask for something but don’t truly believe or feel like it will happen then it won’t. Your thoughts heart and emotions must be in sync, you must truly feel happy and abundant whenever you think about that “thing”. Action also plays a large role in manifestation. If you want to manifest a great relationship, what actions are you taking to manifest it? What messages are you sending to God/ the Universe?
Act like you are in the relationship you desire. For example, if you desire flowers from your significant other, buy yourself flowers and feel complete joy when you look at them and smell them. Clear out one side of your closet for your partners clothes. Treat yourself to a movie or a nice massage… date yourself! Taking these actions will show the universe that you are serious about attracting love into your life. If you want a successful business take the steps to get there. Write a business plan, schedule time in your calendar each day to take small steps to launching your business, watch videos and read articles about starting a business, find a mentor or coach to guide you. Finally, but in my playbook most importantly is gratitude. If you walk around all day complaining about why life is so unfair and in a bitter mood because you can’t keep up with the Jones’ then guess what you will continue to attract more things to complain about! The universe does not discriminate, whatever you think about and believe you attract. Everyone has something to feel grateful for. You woke up this morning, didn’t you? Small things count, be thankful that someone held the door open for you, or that it’s a sunny day and you can walk in the park, or that your kids slept in a bit later allowing you to relax for longer than usual!
Find something daily to thank God for and you’ll be surprised at how quickly more things to be thankful for begin to manifest! Finally once you have put your intention out there, felt great, took action, and showed gratitude, let it go! You obsessing about how it will manifest, when it will manifest, where it will manifest, etc. simply shows the Universe that you don’t trust it. You don’t wake up asking yourself how you will breathe or when you will breathe do you? Why? Because you automatically know there will always be air to breathe and you never have to consciously think about it. That is exactly how you should treat the things you want to manifest. Know 110% that it will manifest when the time is right, do not obsess or worry about it, let it go and let the Universe do it’s job. Trust the Universe and it will work magnificently on your behalf!

No More Excuses !

It took years and very hard life lessons for me to learn that every single thing that has occurred in my life is because I consciously or subconsciously allowed and accepted those circumstances. I blamed others for my “failures” or said life was against me, or just plain old failed to take responsibility for my actions. I finally got a huge wake-up call when I was diagnosed with Lupus. This allowed me to reevaluate my life and think about my mental, physical, and spiritual health along with where I was headed. I made a decision once and for all to change my mindset, my outlook on life, and take responsibility for every single action! Instead of telling myself the same tired story of how the glass is always half empty, I realized the glass is always half full. Life is a series of lessons and it is all about perspective. I read books and watched YouTube videos about mindset and self-development. I began to keep gratitude journals, script about my future, and strengthen my spiritual practice. My life has dramatically changed for the better, a little bit of gratitude goes a long way! It’s time to take back your life, no more excuses!

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